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Smart Backpacks: How to Choose the Right Type

In the middle of the digital age and at a time when we cannot live without a battery in our devices, you cannot lack a smart backpack to travel.

How Do Smart Backpacks Work?

smart backpackThese types of backpacks are suitable for any traveler profile, both for younger travelers and business travelers or, of course, for daily use. These are backpacks with a modern and minimalist exterior appearance, which have technological accessories, such as an integrated battery, USB port, charger cable, solar panels, security locks, reflective details, concealed zip closure, strategic pockets, and also resistant anti-tear, waterproof and shockproof fabrics.

This makes them stop being simple backpacks to transport things and become a great travel accessory where you can store your belongings, your tablet, your laptop, your mobile phone, documents in a very safe and orderly way.

How to Choose the Right Smart Backpack

The main aspects that you should look at when buying a smart backpack are:

  • The materials; that are waterproof, resistant, and anti-tear.
  • The USB port; USB charger backpacks allow you to safely charge your mobile devices wherever you are.
  • The internal battery; With a little more budget, you can buy a backpack with a battery included and charge all your electronic devices from here.
  • Solar panel; that incorporates a solar panel to be able to charge your devices sustainably.

On the other hand, other general characteristics that you should look at when buying any travel backpack, whether intelligent or not, are:

  • Measurements and capacity; If you need a backpack to travel by plane, it is convenient that it does not exceed 44L or 50L, which is the capacity that airlines usually allow in the cabin.
  • The number of pockets or compartments.
  • Padded and adjustable handles for greater comfort.
  • That they are light in weight. Ideally, they should weigh around 1KG or less.
  • modern backpackThat the materials are breathable.
  • Ergonomic back design to help weight distribution and relieve fatigue.
  • The ability to carry your laptop or tablet (11 ″, 13 ″, 15 ″, 17 ″…).
  • The opening angle. Backpacks that can be opened up to 180º are ideal for traveling.
  • The reflective details, so that they are visible at night, in dark places or when hiking or any other activity.

You should look for other extra features to choose a backpack that will offer quality service.