Features That Draw the Line Between i3 and i7 Roomba Versions

In most homes, moms are always the ones who are entrusted with home cleaning chores. Before, meticulous home cleaning has to wait for the weekend when working moms have their free time. That is not the case now; however, homes can be at their most pristine condition every day as moms have found trusted home cleaning helpers in the best robot vacuum cleaners.

There seems to be no stopping robot vacuum cleaner technology from improving. While we thought that i3 and i7 Roombas to be the ultimate that would ever happen to Roombas, there came i3+ and i7+ models with even enhanced functionalities. But what really separates these models? In a Roomba i3 review, we are made to understand the difference of all these models, which can be summarized with the following;

Clean Base Automatic Dirt Disposal

This is a feature of the plus models which are not in the original i3 and i7 versions. The clean base is a self-emptying feature that allows automated cleaning for two months, hand free. You will be notified on your mobile or with LED light if you are at home if the disposal bag is full for you to empty.

Navigation and Mapping

Roomba i3 and i3+ use the iAdapt 2.0 Navigation. In contrast, the i7 and i7+ use the iAdapt 3.0 Navigation. The i3 models will map areas but will not remember in the next cleaning sessions. The i7 models, on the other hand, can clean specific parts of the house, excluding parts that may have fragile items.

The navigation and mapping functions of both models are both controlled by the iRobot Home App with smart mapping and keep out zone that makes the i7 more functional.


There is not much difference in other features. When it comes to width, height, and weight, the difference is insignificant with the i3 versions having 13.31 width, 13.62” height, and 7.28 lbs. weight. On the other hand, the i7 models are 13.26 wide, 13.63” tall, and weigh 7.44 lbs. The other features, such as battery, filter, brushes, and suction power, are consistent in i3 and i7 models.

With the keep-out zone feature as the main difference between the models, it is surprising that i7 models are far more expensive than the i3 models. But even then, at least we have options when buying the best robot vacuum cleaners.

Indeed, Roombas must be the most trusted among all home devices. This is because they can do their task even if you are not around. You can arrive home from work with your floor exceptionally clean. With just a push of the button while you are still hours away from home, Roombas can mop, brush, vacuum, and sterilize your floor before you enter your home.