Who We Are

James- Founder 

Experienced in robotics and prosthetics for more than 10 years, I’ve come to realize how inadequate people’s tech literacy is. From the looney theories of how microchips are planted in people through mandatory vaccination to the latest issue of 5G being connected to the spread of coronavirus; these things make me want to be a part of a movement that debunks all of those false claims by creating a reliable tech portal that everyone can read. And this website is the realization of that idea.  


Kane- Head Researcher 

I’m James’ close friend. We went to college together. And he told me that the first time he had the idea to make this website, I was the first person to appear on his mind. 


I’ve been a researcher for media for almost 5 years now. Working with James allows me to explore more about how to communicate a difficult subject (in this case, it is technology) efficiently to the public.  


Karen- Head Contributor 

Covering technology has been my passion since I was in senior high school. Growing up as a woman in the tech industry, I’ve spent the last 7 years as a coder in an app development company.  Being a contributor makes me learn a lot of new things. And I hope I can share what I know to my readers.