Essential Features of Routers to Look for During This Pandemic

The need for the best performing routers may be enormous during this time of the coronavirus pandemic. This is because more and more people will be spending much of their time at home because of the social isolation that is being encouraged. Indeed, staying at home is the best thing to do to eliminate the chances of being infected with the dreaded COVID 19 disease. To be able to work at home or be entertained, you should really need to go over A fast internet connection can keep our sanity during this time of social isolation.

Going to internet cafes will not be an option now when looking for a more reliable internet connection. While you may have a better time playing your favorite computer game on these internet cafes because of faster internet, you may have to do away with it for now. You will be safer at home.

One of the things to do during this pandemic is to look for means on how to have a speedier internet connection in our homes. With slow internet, staying at home may be hard to do. There are many entertainment options when we have a stable internet connection in our homes. Definitely, we need them during this lockdown.

Here are the features that you should prioritize when looking for a router.


The Multiple Users – Multiple Input, Multiple Output technology allows simultaneous streaming on several devices. Using the internet at the same during this pandemic may be a usual thing for most households. This is because most members of the families are staying at home too.

This is important this pandemic because you might be working from home too while you kids may be playing their favorite games too. Others may also be busy exchanging messages with their social media friends.


It is important to look for a router with longer ranges. With routers that have longer access, you may not need to be positioning yourselves near the router. This may be inconvenient for an internet user who is working from home. For sure, you will be disturbed by those who are playing games. With a long-range router, you can still access the net while in the furthest but quietest part of your house.


During this pandemic, your internet connection may slow down with more devices. Tri-band technology can both broadcast using the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz with an additional 5 GHz signal. This does not mean though that connectivity will be faster than the dual-band. It will only allow the simultaneous use of the 5 GHz signal by two separate compatible devices.