Accessing Spotify Using A VPN On Your Smartphone

Have you ever had a friend send you a link but get trouble accessing the link? If so, this is often because of geo-restrictions that limit certain regions from accessing specific sites, in this case, Spotify. Nonetheless, thanks to VPN (Virtual Private Network) services, people can still access these websites.

Apart from accessing music streaming sites, VPNs allow online users to access their favorite TV shows and programs that are not available in their location. So, how does one go about using the services?


You will have to install Spotify from a third-party website. The reason for this is because geo-restricted applications/software may not be available in the official online stores. On the other hand, VPN apps are available in the official stores, and it depends on the client’s choice. Make sure to allow the installation of apps from unofficial sites, if not, change the configuration settings before installation.


Once you configure your settings to allow third-party apps, proceed to install the Spotify application. When the installation is complete, do not launch the application; instead, launch the VPN app first. Using the VPN service app, you will make a few configurations for the process to succeed.

Bypassing Geo-Restriction

The first step when attempting to bypass the geo-restriction is by identifying a country that is not restricted. In the settings menu, you will find a list of nations with their regional codes indicated. In our case, countries such as England, France, and Russia, among others, will work well. Select whichever region you prefer and proceed to launch the Spotify app.

Once the VPN is active, you will notice a key icon in your notification bar. Launch Spotify and log in or sign up for your account. If you are setting up a new account, follow the usual registration process. Verify the account through an activation link that will be sent to your email address.

Activate Your Spotify Account

Now you can activate your profile. When you verify your email address, you will unlock and activate your profile. You can try accessing any Spotify links that previously didn’t work and get to listen to the track or playlist.


In case you turn off your phone or stop the VPN app, make sure to reactivate it before reopening the Spotify app. If you happen to make this mistake, uninstall and reinstall the apps and follow the steps above. Fortunately, the VPN service should work on your browser and other apps as well.

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